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Twenty-Five Years of Being Me (and a new website)

While I’m somewhat north of 25 years old (by a couple of decades), 1993 is the year I count as my professional “birthday.”  Disregarding a brief and nasty stint as a cold-calling financial salesman, it’s the year I became a personal financial advisor.

It’s been a learning experience.  Along the way, I realized the primary focus of most big banks, brokerages and investment firms is on their bottom line – not yours.  As I observed in this 20-year anniversary post, most investors struggle mightily to maintain a balanced investment strategy.  Both internal and external forces continuously tempt them off-course in pursuit of hot trends or to dodge scary markets.

My role as an advisor is to help my clients maintain their investment balance – NOT to stick out a profit-motivated foot when I see them wavering.

When I founded Lowrie Financial in 2009, it represented a major milestone in fulfilling this critical role. Establishing my independence from the Bay Street rat race freed me to serve my clients’ best financial interests with an evidence-based investment approach. To me, the approach seems obvious.  But I see so many signs that our industry still has so far to go.

This year marks another milestone I’m pleased to share. A few weeks ago, we launched a fresh, new take on my Lowrie Financial website.  These days, an advisor’s website is also their virtual “front office,” so it was definitely time for a remodel.  The new structure should make it easier to find existing resources, discover new insights, and get to know me and benefits of following an evidence-based investing approach.   

Here’s to 25 years of being me!