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I define Wealth Management as a simple formula combining Investment Management, Advanced Planning and Behavioural Management.

Investment Management:

Maximize the probability of achieving your goals.

Discretionary investment management
Investment tax management
Ongoing monitoring

Advanced (Financial) Planning:

Beyond your investments.

Retirement income planning
Education and other goals-based planning and projections
Estate and wealth transfer planning*
Charitable giving planning*
Wealth and income protection planning*

(*These services are done in conjunction with your current professional advisors or advisors within or outside my network.)

Behavioural Management:

Advice and education to save you from costly mistakes.

Portfolio Repair Services:

Second-Opinion Service to review and fix investment errors.

If you are searching for a no-obligation, seasoned second opinion on your investment portfolio, please contact me.

My Investment Philosophy

I only recommend investments and strategies with scientific evidence that supports them. I don’t believe in market-timing, stock-picking or other common practices that are not in your best interest. No one has the expertise to consistently predict the market’s direction or pick stocks or investment managers that will outperform.Learn more about how evidence-based investing saves long-term wealth.

I use broadly diversified, low-cost investments funds like those managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

My clients have accumulated wealth slowly and patiently, either through prudent savings or ownership in a successful business. I view my role as protecting and enhancing those efforts.

All your assets are controlled by you and held in your name by one of my independent custodian alliances – National Bank Independent Network (NBIN) or BBS Securities - Virtual Brokers (BBS). I receive no compensation from NBIN or BBS. I will have limited power of attorney to execute transactions on your behalf. Our authority is limited by the Investment Management Agreement you sign and subject to an independent third-party audit and random audits by the Ontario Securities Commission.