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Time to Go on a Financial Media Diet

Stock and bond markets plummeting in tandem, the war in the Ukraine, rises in interest rates, threats of a looming recession … You’re probably already well aware of the volume of news wearing us down. As I wrote to my clients, “the financial press has gone on a feeding frenzy in response, serving up heaping helpings of negativity upon negativity.” On many fronts, times are indeed disheartening, and we’re as worn out as you are by the weight of the world. That said, there are already way too many outlets cramming worst-case scenarios down our throats and crushing investment resolve. To offset a bitter pill overdose, following are a few more nutritious news sources to reinforce why we remain confident that capital markets will continue to prevail over time, and that long-term investors should just stick to their plan.

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Six Ways a Recession Resembles a Bad Mood

There’s been a lot of talk about recessions lately: Whether one is near, far, or perhaps already here. Whether we can or should try to avoid it. What it even means to be in a recession, and how it’s related to current market turmoil.

To put market and recessionary concerns in perspective, it might help to describe six ways a recession resembles a bad mood. There are some intriguing similarities!

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What Should I Do with My Tax Refund?

This time of year, I find that one of the most common questions my clients pose is what they should do with their tax refunds. With so many tempting options like finally taking that long-awaited vacation or taking on some home renovations that are long overdue, it may be difficult to stick to focusing on your long-term financial goals.

So, given the push/pull of the economy and your well-deserved desire to enjoy the tax refund windfall today, how can you achieve some balance? And what’s the best way to use your tax refund to keep you on-track for the future?

A few tips from the Globe and Mail’s article echo some of the advice you may have read here at Lowrie Financial’s blog in “What to Do with Excess Cash?”. These tax refund tips might be helpful to assist you in achieving that balance:

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Financial Planning for Business Owners: Tax Planning Strategies for Personal and Small Business Investments

Financial Planning for Business Owners: Tax Planning Strategies for Personal and Small Business Investments

Tax-efficient investing for corporate and taxable assets – how to keep more of the investment income you earn.

There are plenty of perks to being your own boss, including the ability to build up tangible assets to invest in your personal portfolio, your corporate accounts, or both.

But if you are a small- to mid-sized Canada-controlled private corporation (CCPC) owner, how do you know if you’re managing your personal and corporation investments as tax-efficiently as possible? Let’s take a look at that today.

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Investment Fads and Other Destructive Behaviours

Chasing Investment Performance Results in Far More Losers than Winners

Would you like to improve your investment game?

Counterintuitively, you don’t necessarily need to master more fancy moves; it may be a more powerful play to simply reduce your biggest investment mistakes. It’s those false moves that usually cost you the most gained ground.

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Geopolitical Climate Impact Your Financial Planning Lowrie Financial

Investing During Wartime: How Does the Geopolitical Climate Impact Your Financial Planning?

Most of us are asking important questions about this geopolitical crisis.

By no means do our financial concerns detract from the greater, human toll. That said, if I can help you remain resolute as the world justifiably severs Russia’s access to capital markets and the global economy, perhaps we can both do our part to restore justice in Ukraine.

So, let’s talk about geopolitics and investing during wartime. Here are my key takeaways:

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