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Investment Fads and Other Destructive Behaviours

Chasing Investment Performance Results in Far More Losers than Winners

Would you like to improve your investment game?

Counterintuitively, you don’t necessarily need to master more fancy moves; it may be a more powerful play to simply reduce your biggest investment mistakes. It’s those false moves that usually cost you the most gained ground.

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Geopolitical Climate Impact Your Financial Planning Lowrie Financial

Investing During Wartime: How Does the Geopolitical Climate Impact Your Financial Planning?

Most of us are asking important questions about this geopolitical crisis.

By no means do our financial concerns detract from the greater, human toll. That said, if I can help you remain resolute as the world justifiably severs Russia’s access to capital markets and the global economy, perhaps we can both do our part to restore justice in Ukraine.

So, let’s talk about geopolitics and investing during wartime. Here are my key takeaways:

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Understanding Inflation, Interest Rates, and Market Reaction | Lowrie Financial

Understanding Inflation, Interest Rates, and Market Reaction

Most investors understand or perhaps accept the fact that they are not able to time stock markets (sell out before they go down or buy in before they advance). The simple rationale is that stock markets are forward looking by anticipating or “pricing in” future expectations. While the screaming negative headlines may capture attention, stock markets are looking out to what may happen well into the future.

It is easy to understand why we might be scared about the recent headline inflation numbers and concerned about rising interest. It is very important to keep this in context, which is what we will address today.

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bear market tips evidence based investing lowrie financial

Q&A: What should I do – or NOT do – during the next Bear Market? Maintain long-term investing mindset while waiting patiently for market recovery

As we are revisiting and updating this piece in early February 2022, we are starting to see some volatility in bond and stock markets. Not surprising given the strong equity returns over the past 18 months and the fact that most central banks have stated publicly that they will be raising interest rates to tackle inflation.

Before we get into any specifics about what one should or shouldn’t’ do during a bear market, I think it is very important to define exactly what sort of investor you are. Remember, our investment advice is aimed at helping you successfully complete your long-term, multi-generational financial journey.

So, if you are a long-term, patient, multi-generational investor then read on so you can get some tips on how you can weather any market storm while you persevere and wait for the inevitable recovery. If you are a short-term trader, then you probably won’t find these pointers helpful.

So, let’s look back at my thoughts from April 2018…

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Legacy Planning - Accelerate Your Legacy Planning by Gifting In Advance | Lowrie Financial

Accelerating Your Legacy Planning by Gifting In Advance

Instead of your excess wealth being distributed after you die, you may find even greater value in giving some of it away while you’re still around.

Properly managed, making gifts and charitable donations while you’re alive can offer solid tax-saving benefits to you and your estate financial planning. In particular, targeted charitable giving can be a powerful tool for business owners and similar professionals who are approaching retirement and facing high-tax events, such as selling their business, or exercising highly appreciated stock options.

As importantly, it can be incredibly rewarding to witness the results of your generosity. Don’t underestimate the value this intangible benefit can add to your life and legacy planning.

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2021 year end insights from an independent financial advisor Lowrie Financial

2021 Year-End Insights from An Independent Financial Advisor

Yet another year of your careful financial planning process has been disrupted by the pandemic – or has it?

These uncertain times have impacted our work, life, mental health, and financial security. However, if you have been reading my blog posts this year (and even further back), you will likely know the key to weather market storms: setting goals, making plans, and maintaining a focus on ongoing financial planning, without jumping off course as a result of ever-volatile markets (and world events).

Let’s look back at some of the most popular blogs of 2021 featuring this independent financial advisor’s musings…

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