You are currently viewing Mid-Year Observations – 2022: The Impact of World Events on Investments

Mid-Year Observations – 2022: The Impact of World Events on Investments

2022 Investment Review – Causes, Effects, and Insights

There is no denying that this year – 2022 – has been a roller coaster for investors. With the geopolitical climate impacting markets, interest rates rising, unexpected high inflation and a possible recession looming… there is a lot to navigate.

It’s mid-2022 and a perfect time to revisit what’s happened so far and how best to cope with the intimidating financial markets.

Let’s start with the big action items that have impacted the markets in 2022…

Investing During Wartime: How Does the Geopolitical Climate Impact Your Financial Planning?

investing during wartime geopolitical climate impact financial planning lowrie financial

Takeaway: Don’t let geopolitical strife destroy your investment resolve.

Understanding Inflation, Interest Rates, and Market Reaction

understanding inflation interest rates market reaction lowrie financial

Takeaway: Markets can be scary but more importantly, they are resilient.

Time to Go on a Financial Media Diet

time to go on financial media diet lowrie financial

Takeaway: Focus on what’s important – market downturns can be obstacles and opportunities.

What is the best way to cope with the uncertainty in the financial markets? Here are a few suggestions…

Six Ways a Recession Resembles a Bad Mood

6 ways recession resembles a bad mood lowrie financial

Takeaway: It’s very hard to change the world. But you can always change yourself. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in sentiment to seize your next best move.

What should I do – or NOT do – during the next Bear Market?

is the next bear market creeping up await inevitable market recovery lowrie financial

Takeaway: Maintain long-term investing mindset while waiting patiently for market recovery.

Investment Fads and Other Destructive Behaviours

investment fads and other destructive behaviours lowrie fiancial

Takeaway: Play the long game. There are certainly sensible ways to manage investment risks. But if the “solution” involves playing into a fast-moving trend that has either been causing concern or busting out the lights in the recent past, you may want to pause before proceeding.

Ride the Wave. Patience is Key.

As frustrating and difficult as the 2022 financial markets have been, it is important to confirm your commitment to your well-designed and thought-out financial plan, which should weather the storm and keep you on track.

Ready to imagine a brighter financial future?

Ready to imagine a brighter financial future?

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