2023 Financial Year in Review | 2024 Investment Market Outlook

You might assume, the more experienced a financial professional is, the more accurate they can be with their year-end forecasts. Personally, I’ve never tried to predict which hot or cold stocks, bonds, sectors, or market sentiments to chase or flee each year. Instead, the more experience I’ve gained, the more firmly I believe in the Timeless Financial Tips I shared throughout 2023. For me, they serve as the best guide for “predicting” what investors should expect in 2024. So, considering everything I’ve learned in 2023 (plus the quarter-century prior), I predict … We cannot possibly predict how 2024 markets will perform. That’s my expert forecast, and I’m sticking to it. I will, however, add one more prediction, about which I am nearly as certain … Over time (think multiple years), capital markets WILL deliver positive returns to those who consistently participate in their expected growth.

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