Timeless Financial Tips from 2023 As We Turn to 2024

Yet another year has gone by. With 2023 behind us and 2024 on the horizon, it’s important to take stock, set goals, and make plans – keep steadfast in your quest for long-term financial planning and wealth management success. In 2023, I shifted my focus to keep some core financial planning principles at the forefront of your mind. These principles are timeless and are a good touchpoint for whenever your financial resolve starts to soften. Let’s look back at these timeless financial tips from 2023…

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What Should I Do with My Tax Refund?

This time of year, I find that one of the most common questions my clients pose is what they should do with their tax refunds. With so many tempting options like finally taking that long-awaited vacation or taking on some home renovations that are long overdue, it may be difficult to stick to focusing on your long-term financial goals. So, given the push/pull of the economy and your well-deserved desire to enjoy the tax refund windfall today, how can you achieve some balance? And what’s the best way to use your tax refund to keep you on-track for the future? A few tips from the Globe and Mail’s article echo some of the advice you may have read here at Lowrie Financial’s blog in “What to Do with Excess Cash?”. These tax refund tips might be helpful to assist you in achieving that balance:

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2021 Year-End Insights from An Independent Financial Advisor

Yet another year of your careful financial planning process has been disrupted by the pandemic – or has it?
These uncertain times have impacted our work, life, mental health, and financial security. However, if you have been reading my blog posts this year (and even further back), you will likely know the key to weather market storms: setting goals, making plans, and maintaining a focus on ongoing financial planning, without jumping off course as a result of ever-volatile markets (and world events).
Let’s look back at some of the most popular blogs of 2021 featuring this independent financial advisor’s musings…

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